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Something that I want to start on this blog is sharing some of my favorite food blogs. Since I'm a little more new to this space, investing the time to explore other blogs a little more in-depth would benefit this blog as it evolves as well.

For today's first Social Media Sunday feature, I want to feature a blog that I've been following for a while. The blog is on Instagram, and the username is @orlandofoodiegirl. As per usual, I'm going to share six of my favorite places that I've tried from her blog, and then I'm going to share six places that I want to try someday.


1. Greenery Creamery

I will always scream for ice cream, and Greenery Creamery has unique flavors that you wouldn't find at your standard ice cream parlor. Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, they manage to locally source their ice cream ingredients and have a plethora of options whether you're vegan or not. The flavors below are Ube and Chocolate, but their flavors are on constant rotation and change daily sometimes.

2. King Cajun Crawfish

I actually knew about this place before I saw it on Orlando Foodie Girl's blog, because my cousin Tom had a phase where he was obsessed with coming here. Now, I come here with a select group of people in my life. This is because eating seafood can get messy, and I would like to maintain my relationships to the best of my ability. Also, according to Orlando Foodie Girl, the beignets are some of the best she's ever had. It's apparently because they're so yeast-y. That means that I'm going to have to try them soon, because I have yet to have them. I usually enjoy the seafood here so much that I don't think of dessert, and if you know my love of sweets, you'll understand what a bold statement this is.

This is also Grandma Sau's favorite. We usually order 10 lbs of crawfish for us to enjoy in the comfort of our home so that we can get as sloppy as we want.

3. Metro Diner

All for the love of food, Metro Diner is my go-to place when I want American comfort food. Granted, I was disappointed when they didn't have a milkshake like diners from out of the movies, but the quality of food and the warm atmosphere definitely makes up for it. It's definitely not the place I would go to while on a diet. This is because some of my favorites are their Chicken and Waffles and their Shrimp and Grits, which are both so filling that I tend to share my order with one other person or I end up with plenty of leftovers.

4. Sus-Hi Eatstation

It took me a couple of visits before I liked coming to this place. That's because it's a build your own sushi place, and it took a few visits to figure out what went well together. Now, I have a go-to order that I enjoy each time I come. However, if you haven't ordered a sushi burrito before, I would recommend that you come here and customize your own.

5. The Edison

As you'll soon learn, Disney is one of my favorite places to take some down time, and I always am looking for unique food experiences when coming for a day trip. The Edison has actually been on my list for a while, because they do burlesque shows, and I always wanted to watch one since Gossip Girl. I ended up going for Valentine's Day, and it was a very cool way to spend the evening. The restaurant interior is a blend of Gothic style and America's Industrial Age, which gives it a unique aesthetic as you enjoy your food. It's a dining experience that you have to try at least once.

6. JINYA Ramen Bar

When it's cold outside, I love to warm up with a good bowl of noodle soup, and I'm always looking for a place that does ramen well. JINYA is highly recommended by my sister Kristina, so we've gone a couple times. It definitely satisfies my craving when we have the opportunity to go.

6 Things @orl_foodie Features That I Want to Try

  1. Ohana

  2. Melbourne Seafood Station Hunter's Creek

  3. Seito Sushi Sand Lake

  4. Market to Table Cuisine

  5. Soco Thorton Park

  6. Bubble & Co.

Do you have a favorite food blog? What are some of your favorite eats in the Orlando area? When reading a food blog, what are some essential things that you look for?

Until next time, I hope that you enjoy some delicious food with loved ones and check back soon.

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