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@Foodista on Twitter

As a writer, Twitter is my favorite social media platform. While that probably says something about my personality, I'm here on this Social Media Sunday to talk about one of my favorite food follows, @Foodista . What stands out to me about the Foodista Twitter page is that it is a page for passionate food lovers. It doesn't say professional or critical, it says passionate, and I would say that explains my relationship with food perfectly.

Preface that their website isn't my favorite, just because I struggle with navigating it. It's easier for me to just go through the Twitter feed to find what I want, then click to the website from the tweet. Here are my 6 favorite tweets from Foodista to date.


1. White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry season is a favorite in my family. Before the whole COVID-19 hit, we were going to go pick strawberries. This delicious dessert was a nice alternative.

2. Vitamin C Bomb Smoothies

Since in quarantine, my family has also increased our smoothie intake to an average of one a day. With my mom's cautious nature, these smoothies will ease her mind a little bit. All of the ingredients contribute to building immunity, which is perfect in these times.

3. Pepper Crust Salmon with Creamed Corn and Bell Pepper

Out of all the fish, salmon is one of my grandma's favorite to consume. The beauty of this recipe is that the sharp flavor of the pepper contrasts well against the sweet spiciness of the creamed corn and bell pepper. The competition of flavor in your mouth can almost sing a song.

4. Crispy Vegetable Fritters

Maybe it's a sign that I'm slowly becoming a more responsible adult or I've cracked in quarantine, but lately I've consumed my fair share of vegetables. While I do miss the crunch of a potato chip from time to time, I've found that these crispy vegetable fritters have fixed that for me.

5. Shepard's Pie

Whenever my sisters and I go to Islands of Adventure, we stop by the Harry Potter area, but not just for butter beer. We stop by the Three Broomsticks so that we can get our fill. While they substitute lamb for beef, this recipe is pretty good.

Grandma Sau's Favorite: Sweet Corn Pie

Corn is one of my grandma's favorite things. While she loves it coming straight off of a cob, she enjoyed digging a spoon into this pie too. It was a good way to switch things up.

What are some of your Twitter follows? Is there something you're passionate about? Do you have any recipes you think I should try? Tell me in the comments.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy a new tasty treat.

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