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(Accidentally Vegan) Coconut Chocolate Tart

Originally, I wanted to use Sundays to promote other food bloggers, chefs, and restaurants, but I've come to the realization that the way I was doing things was a little harder than I anticipated. So instead of picking 6 pieces of content from an individual to showcase, I've decided it would be easier to select one to highlight.

For today, I wanted to highlight the YouTube Channel of Adam Ragusea. Specifically, my sister and I made his coconut chocolate tart recently, and we are coconuts for it. The fact that it ended up being vegan erased any guilt I felt in consumption.


This is the YouTube video that my sister found, and now I highly recommend. The only changes we really had to make were that we don't have tart pans in our home, because it's not normally something we make. Instead, we used cupcake pans with the paper liners, and we just filled them halfway. Not a bad alternative, because it still made it easy for us to take the tarts out of the tins. Moreover, the recipe was so quick and easy to make.

What makes this recipe perfect for this time of year is that strawberry season is taking place right now. As someone who loves a chocolate covered strawberry, I found that cutting the tarts into bite-sized pieces and adding a slice of strawberry on top made these tarts the perfect treat to enjoy this spring.

About Adam Ragusea

You might recognize the name from the fact that he had a viral pizza making video in March 2019, and since then Adam has been putting out recipe videos on Thursdays and other food videos on Mondays. He's the cool average guy, who wants to show you how to cook simple, tasty food in your home with no fuss. If you make this recipe and enjoy it, be sure to check out his other YouTube videos and his website to learn more about him.

Do you have any favorite food YouTubers? What is your favorite recipe that you've found on YouTube? Are there any desserts you're going to make with Easter around the corner? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Until the next one, I hope you have some tasty times.

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