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Tasty on YouTube

I'm aware that Tasty is a large platform when it comes to food. For the purposes of today's blog, I wanted to focus on their YouTube channel. My grandma is very much enjoying the discovery of YouTube. She wakes me up to set it up for her, and after dinner she gives me a look that says, "Can you please set it up for me?" Today, I'm going to share some of our favorite Tasty YouTube videos.


Grandma Sau's Favorite: "I Went to Japan to Make the Most Difficult Omelet"

I'm not a big egg person, but every time I watch this video, I want an omelet. My grandma is also amazed by the egg technique. We also end up in a fit of laughter over Andrew's attempts at making the omelet.

2. "The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat"

My grandma loves a good pizza, but she's very selective. Being born in Chicago, I also find its hard to find a good pizza place when I'm eating out. Having this video show us how to make delicious pizza at home has been a great way of pleasing everyone.

3. "How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies"

When I was in middle school, my one goal in life was to figure out the best chocolate chip cookie. To this day, I think the best cookie I've had is from Gideon's Bakehouse, but it's nice to have something that comes pretty close at home.

4. "The Tastiest burger I've Ever Eaten"

My mom is the person who is always craving a burger. She is also the person who is very selective with her burger. This video goes to show that the good burgers can be made with the simple ingredients, but the flavors can be deliciously complex if you do it right.

5. The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes

For one of my little sisters, chicken is her main source of protein. For me, fried chicken is the best way to make chicken because I love the crunch and flavor you get from it. This video inspired me to try making fried chicken at home.

6. "How I Make My Favorite Japanese Recipes"

When I watch anime, I am always curious about the foods because they look so unique, and Japan has always been a dream destination to go to as far as culinary experiences go. This video gives me a little insight into how I can create these culinary experiences from the comfort of my home.

Do you have a favorite Tasty video? What is something exotic you've created from the comfort of you home? In terms of food experiences, what is the more unique one that you've had?

I hope that you're enjoying some tasty times between now and my next blog. In the face of these unpredictable times, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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