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My Hamilton Inspired Menu

I’m not throwing away my shot… to write about my 2019 obsession. During the 4th of July weekend, Disney+ released a recording of the Hamilton Broadway musical with the original cast. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. Some context: I saw Hamilton with the touring cast at the beginning of 2019, and Spotify told me that the soundtrack was my most listened to album by the end of 2019.

To celebrate, my sisters and I planned out a Hamilton themed menu to feast on for the evening. I didn’t want to wait for it too long before sharing that menu with you today. Here is my Hamilton inspired snack menu.


Guns and Chips

What’s a celebration without chips? We bought tortilla chips from the store for this one. Once we were home, we had three different dips for our chips, and the flavor definitely went BOOM. These 3 dips were definitely gunning for my heart.

We bought the Archer Farms Pineapple Peach Salsa, which is my go-to salsa since I discovered it (I even gift it to friends). At home, we made some guacamole, and tried this delicious Mexican street corn dip from House of Yumm. It was definitely yum!

History has It’s Fries on You

The original idea was to have an assortment of fries. But then we saw how much food we had, and decided that just having curly fries was more than enough. When we go to the theater, we normally order fries, and the kind they give us are zesty curly fries. Having them on our menu made us feel a little more like we were at an actual theater.

Peggy's in a Blanket

These were my favorite, because it’s not often that we have pigs in a blanket. What made them better is that we used Pilsbury’s Honey Butter Crescent Rolls to wrap the hot dogs in. Something about the sweetness of the honey butter worked with the saltiness of the hot dog.

Peggy Punch

My sisters are kids, so this ended up being fruit punch Capri-Sun. I’m not complaining, since I loved Capri-Sun growing up.

A. Hamm and Cheese Crackers

An ode to Lunchables, from a child adult. I came up with this snack combination when I was hungry and peering in my fridge one day. I wanted something filling but wouldn’t make me full with dinner around the corner.

I used Ritz Toasted Chips in the Veggie flavor as the base, then lightly smeared some red pepper jelly and pimento cheese onto the cracker. Now I do mean lightly, because both of these things really pack a punch in the flavor department. Then a bit of Boar's Head Virginia ham to top it off. The ingredients do make me think of a Lunchable from when I was a kid, but the flavor palette are something more complex for an adult.

Talk Less, Smile S’more Dip

Last of all, the 4th of July would not be complete without s’mores. Since we were inside and without a bonfire, we tried to recreate a s’mores dip, which all of us have seen floating around the internet. To save us on the clean-up, we picked up one of those Graham Cracker Ready-Crust made by Keebler. It was a good choice, because the marshmallow was quite messy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy some tasty treats until the next one.

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