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Featured Recipe: Creamed Spinach Tortellini

These are some crazy times that we are working through, and hopefully they contribute to a better tomorrow. As we continue to live through history in the making, I hope everyone is keeping their eyes up and minds open.

While I haven't spoken up about where I stood on current events on this platform, I have made a statement about it on my main blog. You can read that statement here, but in case you don't want to read the whole thing, here is a summer: all lives cannot matter until black lives matter. While It might not be shown to the public eye, I am working on educating myself on all matters and doing the best that I can to contribute to our nation.

In that vein, I wanted to feature a delicious recipe I found recently from a block food blogger. I've been wanting to feature recipes that I discover to create a tasty Tuesday vibe, and I'm glad that this is the very first will support a fellow food blogger who also happens to be a member of the black community.


I recently found this creamed spinach tortellini recipe online, and it was created by Darius Cooks. The problem that I've come across when searching for online pasta recipes is that they tend to be on the more mild, ordinary side when it comes to flavor. As someone who appreciates bold and balanced flavors, this tortellini recipe has quickly become one of my favorite pasta recipes.

A little background about Chef Darius Williams. Hi is an Atlanta resturanteur who also runs the blog where he shares recipes that he has created. He has also distributed recipes in the form of 3 cookbooks: 1 book on keto, 1 focusing on vegan soul food, and 1 full of kitchen stories with his grandmother (you already know this is the one I'm buying). Williams is also the CEO od Carolina Pound Cake Company, which ships nationwide. This means that if you don't cook and don't live in Atlanta, you still have the ability to try this man's incredible food.

With delicious ingredients like roasted garlic powder, smoked gouda cheese, and shrimp, this recipe is definitely one that you need to try. I know I did, I just might have used fresh spinach instead of frozen... it's okay, the results were still delicious. Here's a photo from when I tried it:

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy some tasty times until my next one.

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