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6 of My Favorite Boba Places (Plus Drinks)

Amid COVID-19, I'm a bit limited on how much I can order takeout and have delicious food photography, so we're going to switch things up today.

Yesterday was Bubble Tea Day, so today I'm going to share my 6 favorite bubble tea places, along with my typical orders. Unless otherwise specified, some of the ones on this list are chains you'll find in several places.


1. Quickly Boba

This is one of my favorite places to go after I take an exam or have had a long day at school. The atmosphere is really cool, and I love how they're always changing the art on the wall. It's also the place I love to go to enjoy a delicious drinks with friends. Here are some of my favorite things to order:

  • Chamango

  • Iced Fruit Tea+Fruit Jelly

  • Taro Milk Tea with Boba and Lychee Jelly

2. TeaStori in Gainesville, Florida

3550 SW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32608

Any time I'm in Gainesville, I don't leave until I've stopped by Teastori at least once. It's once of those places that is tiny and cozy, and in addition to bubble tea, they sell mochi ice cream and succulents. It's a great place to go to just chat with the girls. My two favorite things to get are the tiramisu milk tea and the coconut snow milk tea. Both with boba, of course.

3. Chewy Boba I've been going to Chewy since I was in elementary school. My cousin's now husband had a sister who started the company. The result was that if we were near one, we would go, and my cousin would usually have a coupon for a free drink. I also get a taro drink from here as well, and if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll play Russian roulette with their Avocado options.

4. Ice 'n' Bites in Orlando, Florida

3402 Technological Ave #220, Orlando, FL 32817

TEL:(407) 208-1340

For a while, I boycotted this place, but it seems that it's improved overtime. It's a cuter place, with adorable little photo opts. If I'm being honest, I like the snack options here more than I enjoy the drinks. Here is what I recommend here:

  • Corn nuggets

  • Taiyaki (Ice cream!)

  • Bahama Mama Fruit Black Tea

  • Strawberry Lychee Fruit Green Tea

5. Kung Fu Tea Like Ice 'n' Bites, I showed up here and did not like my first drink. I think it's because they aren't as sweet as I like, so if you don't like sweet drinks, this place might be for you. Unlike Ice 'n' Bites, this place has always had snacks, and I actually came here to try Takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack with octopus inside. It was my first time, but I will say that Kung Fu Tea has been my favorite place to get them. I'll even say that I like them better than what I've had in New York. I've also gone back enough times that I've found a drink that I like: the Red Bean Wow Milk.

Grandma Sau's Favorite: Crema in Cary, North Carolina

1983 High House Rd, Cary, NC 27519

TEL:(919) 380-1840

In the summer of 2018, my sisters, Grandma Sau, and I took a road trip, and one of the places we stopped in was Cary. We stayed for about 5 days, and after discovering Crema, we made sure to stop by everyday, and one last time before we hit the road. While I loved the coconut bubble tea, what I recommend more than anything else are their bakery goods. The cakes are the lightest, fluffiest cakes I've ever had. My sisters still talk about them to this day.

Are you tempted to try any of these places? Do you have any favorite boba places I should try? What do you like to snack on when you drink boba?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Please take the time to like, comment, and share with your friends if you really enjoyed it, and it would be the dessert of my day if you subscribe.

Until next time, I hope you're enjoying some tasty treats.

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