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Takara Japanese Steakhouse

Before I became a legal adult, my family and I would come to Takara for every single birthday since they opened. Now, as an adult, I save it for special occasions, because even after being in business for over a decade, the food remains to be delicious. Yes, it's a little pricey, but quality tends to be. Here are my 6 favorite foods to get from a place that I go to for celebrations.


1. Blue Takara Roll

When it comes to sushi, my preference has always been salmon. What made this roll unique is that it is wrapped in rice paper, and drizzled with blueberry sauce. While sushi is supposed to be simple and clean, it's more exciting for me when there's a little pizzazz in my sushi. With this, the tartness of the blueberry sauce compliments the spiciness of the salmon.

2. Mexican Roll

As I mentioned before, Takara is on the pricier side, but they do have happy hour between Monday and Wednesday. One of my favorite things off of their happy hour menu is their Mexican Roll. A single bite is a sushi piece packed with flavor, and all at a good price

3. Shumai

Here, these are done well whether you get them fried or steamed, but I prefer them fried. The crispiness really elevates the flavors of the shumai. Granted, they seem to constantly change the sauce that comes with it, so its hit or miss, but other than that, I would say that they're a light appetizer to really lead into the rest of your meal.

4. Soft Shell Crab

As a kid, I would most look forward to dinner when my grandma says we were having crab. Now, whenever we go to a place that has soft-shell crab, my baby sisters get so excited. They especially love the soft shell crab from Takara, which is the appetizer they prefer. I personally prefer it in their Hollywood Roll.

5. Chicken Udon Noodle Dish

I personally feel that every good Asian food place must have a good noodle dish, and while the options at Takara are pretty limited, I really enjoy their stir-fry Udon noodles. The Yaki soba noodles are thinner, but I enjoy the chewiness of the Udon noodles. Plus, the sauce that they use here develops a flavor profile that doesn't compare to any other place.

Grandma Sau's Favorite: Volcano Roll

You haven't had a volcano roll until you've had it from Takara, because they try to bring the volcano to your plate in the form of a roll. The volcano on top of your roll actually is heated with a torch, similar to one that you use to make creme brulee. It also has a similar effect, because the combination that they use for the lava gets nice and crunchy. My grandma loves how this roll melts in her mouth.

What is your go-to sushi order? Do you have any sauces that you like? When it comes to hibachi, what do you like to order?

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed eating to write it. Until next time, I hope you enjoy some tasty times.

About Takara Japanese Steakhouse...

Local to the Port Orange area, Takara has a wide selection of sushi and Asian fusion. They also do creative cocktails and entertaining hibachi shows in a dazzling atmosphere.

Located at:

5527 South Williamson Boulevard

Port Orange, FL 32128-8302

(386) 756-6668

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