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I Never Thought I Would Say, "Light On the Sugar."

Growing up, I've always gravitated towards the sweeter things in life. That's why when I heard of Light on the Sugar, I expected it to be pretty disappointing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the baked goods that I purchased were pleasantly sweet enough for me.

Keep reading to discover the six things I love to purchase from Light on the Sugar (a majority of which are their specialty cream puffs).


1. Macaroons

I have to admit that I'm often not impressed by macaroons. They're tiny, and the price is often marked up, so when I do purchase them, I usually have buyer's remorse. I don't think that's the case with Light on the Sugar, where the macaroons are unique. Moreover, the macaroons actually taste freshly made instead of frozen and taken out to thaw like some other places do.

2. Strawberry Roll Cake

If you're looking to enjoy a simple cake that isn't too sweet, this is the cake for you. Roll cakes are usually made with a light and fluffy sponge cake with a light cream and a fruit of your choice. In my case, I love a strawberry dessert, and this is what I gravitate towards on the rare occasion I don't want something super sweet.

3. Cereal Flavored Cream Puff

What you might not know about me is that I absolutely love cereal, and I actually stumbled across the Light on the Sugar Instagram page when they featured one of their cereal cream puffs. They have a tendency to change out the flavor monthly, but so far I think my favorite flavor is the Honey Nut.

4. Strawberry Cream Puff

I know I already listed the strawberry sponge cake on here, but I think that it can be very hard to have a strawberry in it's natural form on a dessert with out it being too tart or having to manipulate the flavor in an overwhelming way. Light on the Sugar has been able to perfectly balance the flavor of their dessert to compliment a fresh strawberry, which is why I have to list a strawberry dessert twice. They should be recognized for this, and I am doing that.

5. Cookies and Cream Cream Puff

The Cookies and Cream Cream Puff is my sister's favorite of all the cream puffs. They have managed to take the cream of a standard Oreo and evenly incorporate it throughout filling of their cream puff. I was impressed by this, because what sometimes happens with cookies and cream desserts is that some people will just take cookie bits and mix it in. However, if the cookie bits aren't properly dispersed, some bites will be sweeter than others.

Grandma Sau's Favorite: Jack Fruit Flavored Cream Puff

This was a limited time offer over the summer, and I hope that they bring it back because I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the jack fruit didn't overwhelm the whole experience. Jack fruit is delicious on it's own, but when people try and repurpose it, the flavor can be overbearing or lost altogether. I listed it as Grandma Sau's favorite because it's the first one we tried, and it was so good that even my mom enjoyed it. That's significant, because she's a tough critic.

Light on the Sugar can be reached at the following places:

(407) 916-0215

4270 Aloma Ave Suite 112

Winter Park, FL 32792

Do you ever finding yourself saying "light on the sugar"? What are some of your favorite desserts? Do you prefer sweet or savory? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Until the next one, I hope you have some tasty times.


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