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Father's Day Menu

Happy Father's Day! Whether you're celebrating with a dad or as a dad, I hope that you're surrounded by love regardless of your situation. My father is a very special member of our family, because with my mom, my grandma, my 3 sisters, and me, my dad is the main source of testosterone in my house (beside my dog). So to celebrate, we pulled together some of his favorite foods for the day. Here is what that menu consists of.


Starbucks Doppio Espresso

Like many people, my dad has made a habit of starting his day out with a cup of coffee. He's been trying to cut back since COVID-19 has forced us to stay home, but we thought it would be good to treat him on a day like today. My dad has learned how to make a drink similar to cà phê đá, or Vietnamese iced coffee. He orders an iced Doppio espresso in a Venti cup so that he can have extra ice, and then he adds 4 pumps of white mocha. When you stir it all up and take a sip, it tastes exactly like cà phê đá.


One of these days, I'm going to talk about my favorite breakfast places, and it's called Wake-Up Cafe. The fact that my dad enjoys it reconfirms that the food is delicious, because when it comes to eating out, both my mom and my dad are hard to please. My dad's favorite thing to order from Wake-Up Cafe is a Lomito, which is an Argentinian sandwich with beef tenderloin steak, chimichurri, ham, cheese, tomato, and mayo on artesian bread. It's quite indulgent when it comes to savory foods, and as delicious as it is, I can usually only eat a few bites before becoming full.

Glazed Donuts

My dad doesn't consume very many sweets, but the one thing that he can never resist is a glazed donut. Especially when it's hot and fresh from Krispy Kreme, because it literally melts in your mouth.


Late last night, we had the desire for pizza, so we ordered from Papa John's Pizza. The go-to order for us is getting "The Works" pizza, no olives, and extra pineapple. We snacked on the leftovers today.

Beef Stew

The other homemade thing on the menu is a beef stew recipe from Rachel Hollis. I've linked it here. My dad tends to like foods with flavors that are bolder, and this stew hits all the right flavor notes with my dad.

Vietnamese Pho

I'm so proud of my Vietnamese heritage, and to put it simply, Phở is a Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles, broth, and herbs. When making it at home, my family has the luxury of adding round-eye steak and meatballs, along with all the other toppings that we want.

As always, thanks for reading today's blog. If you enjoyed it, please like this post, share it with your friends, and make my day by subscribing to the blog. I hope that you enjoy some tasty treats until next time.

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